The Micro-Site Builder

What is Elastic Grid’s Micro-Site Builder?

Applying what we’ve learned from creating thousands of successful nurture campaigns allowed us to develop our own tool to build micro-sites, leveraging Elastic Grid Blueprints. It is now used to create and publish lead generating, channel campaigns for various brands. Creating a campaign site has never been easier!

An easy-to-use, do it yourself way to build professional campaign sites on Elastic Grid.

Why brands should leverage the Micro-Site Builder

  • Better value. Cut down development time and save about 25% on campaign build costs.
  • Faster speed to market. Forget per-site coding and deliver your micro-site faster than ever.
  • Flexible collaboration. Build sites yourself with best practice layout options for video, graphic and type based content OR work with our world class creative services team.
  • Live tweaks. Take an agile approach – test and tweak your site’s layout, to enhance its effectiveness.
  • Easy campaign refresh. Easily update your site with new content or product messages.
  • Higher web standards. Include secure HTTPS addresses, responsive layouts, all major browser/device support and social media sharing.
  • Automated updates. Stop wasting time updating your sites. Any new feature or improvement automatically roll out to all new and existing sites.
  • Assured quality. Don’t worry about testing, Elastic Grid’s QA process is done at an application level, not per site.
  • Seamless integration. Benefit from Elastic Grid’s site tracking, asset gating, lead scoring and campaign launcher functionality.

Key features of the Micro-Site Builder

Inline Editing | No more content docs or design reviews. See how your landing page looks as you edit it.


Fast Layout Optimization | Quick iteration is key to optimize conversion. Not seeing the response you’d like; change a layout with one click and re-publish.


Smart forms | Easily include anything from a simple contact form to a full survey. Choose the form fields you want and optimize asset gating questions for optimal white-space lead generation.


YouTube Video Syndication | Have a YouTube Channel? Syndicate your videos throughout your channel to increase views.


Some campaign sites created with our Micro-Site Builder

Click on thumbnail to visit the full preview site

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