Maximizing Lead Generation Through The Power of Campaign Aggregation

By on 2nd May 2017

Elastic Grid is always looking to help channel resellers maximize their lead generation potential. Our initiatives such as user feedback, brand/reseller relationship building and partner profiling allow us to clearly identify and solve channel resellers’ pain points. As a result, we evolved into the first channel Marketplace.

Analyzing the results of our user feedback initiative, we tackled two key challenges around campaigns:

  • Resellers weren’t leveraging all the brands they sell on our tool
  • Product orientated campaign modules weren’t connected with thought leadership and follow-up campaigns to maximize lead capture, nurture and conversion

So, we got to work.

Step 1: Give resellers access to all the brands they sell

While channel resellers highly rate the tools Elastic Grid offer, they’re often starved for content or in the dark about which campaigns they can access. We started promoting new campaigns and cross-vendor access to our user base via a monthly newsletter. Almost instantly, we witnessed IT resellers jumping at the chance to get content from as many suppliers as possible directly on the Elastic Grid Marketplace. This initiative allowed us to help resellers get their hands on more campaigns and also facilitate partner on-boarding for all our clients.


Rise in cross vendor access requests from re-sellers who sell from multiple suppliers.

Step 2: Create non-product content for resellers

Our creative services team love creating content for channel resellers. We recently piloted a content creation initiative to give channel partners additional campaigns to amplify the success of their product campaign executions. It resulted in a set of ‘bridging’ campaigns that had no product focus but could be used in the following workflow:

1 – Thought Leadership (2017 Tech Trends): This thought leadership campaign gives IT resellers the opportunity to initiate the conversation with their contacts. It showcases to their audience that they have embraced the current trends in the IT space. Once leads are collected from this campaign, they can then be sent applicable product consideration campaigns based on their interests.

2 – Co-Brand Product Campaigns: This is where the various brand’s products come in. Digital co-brand campaigns can be sent to targeted lists based on leads from previous thought leadership pieces and other relevant prospects.

3 – Lead Follow-Up: Following up on leads is a crucial step in generating demand, and we always recommend to do so as soon as possible. The lead follow-up campaign facilitates reaching out to leads that were unresponsive. It focuses solely on appointment setting with prospects that have shown interest in specific products from the above campaign.

4 – Promotion Pitch: Where the lead follow-up focuses on prospects, this campaign allows resellers to offer something special to their existing customers. It can be used to promote a sale, upgrade offer, new product launch etc. by simply editing the email in accordance with the segment being targeted. The goal is to re-engage the conversation and set appointments.

5 – Customer Satisfaction Survey: This campaign allows partners to evaluate their customer’s level of satisfaction once a product or service has been sold. While not a lead generation campaign, insights about the quality of the service offered will help drive business improvements, increase customer retention and open doors for future sales conversations if respondents are followed-up.

Are the generic campaigns popular or effective?

Very much ‘yes’ on both fronts. Requests from users to access Elastic Grid’s content has spiked in the last few months and for the first time ever, re-sellers are signing up for Elastic Grid before the brands they sell so they can run the generic campaigns.


Rise in re-sellers who use the platform and requesting access to Elastic Grid’s generic content


In terms of effectiveness, Elastic Grid generic campaigns accounted for 19.7% of the total leads in April across all channel brands on the platform.

What have we learned about the aggregation of content on the Marketplace?

Partner success (and therefore a brand’s own) hinges not only on what brands offer them, but what the collective brand community offers them. Hence,  they love getting multiple brands’ content in one place, which offers not only demand generation functionality and automation, but the content as well.

Active companies since the start of 2017 leveraging more than 1 brand’s content (including Elastic Grid’s generic campaigns) only represent 8% of total users. However, these same companies have generated 13% of total leads on the Marketplace in that time.

A brand’s channel is more active than their own data segment might show. Brands looking solely at their campaign performance as an indicator of how their channel is performing need to be wary about total partner activity, engagement and demand generation across other content available on the Marketplace. In most cases, we found that what was perceived as partner inactivity was, in fact, a result of the content and communication strategies rather than the software or services in place.

Even though they don’t see it, the power of content aggregation on Elastic Grid allows brands to generate between 10 and 72% additional leads for their channel.

Download our full infographic to learn more



  • Appreciate the other brands contributing to your partner’s success.
  • Focus on content creation and communication strategies, rather than tools.
  • Look to provide complete nurture programs or standalone thought leadership content outside of product campaigns.



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Lead UX designer and Design Team Lead at Elastic Grid, responsible for the user experience of the platform and the products visual brand. Lorenzo has extensive experience designing simple digital solutions for large, complex commercial projects, including e-Commerce, marketing campaigns and content management platforms.

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