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By on 6th May 2016

We in the Elastic Grid CX (Customer Experience) team love our Lego because at its core, the yellow brick toy helps us to keep developing fundamental skills required for our jobs; imagination and practical problem solving. Throwing a bucket of the iconic bricks across a table (or better yet, the floor) creates a puzzle with an infinite number of correct assemblies.

With Elastic Grid’s unique, three tiered customer structure, our problem solving skills and imagination are constantly put to the test. We have vendors (our business clients); brands who enter into our program to give their partners (re-sellers) our user base, marketing tools, and assets in order to generate sales leads from their end customers (whose experience we also play a role in).

CX is generally described as the interaction between an organization and a customer. This interaction includes a customer’s attraction, awareness, discovery, cultivation, advocacy, purchase and use of a service. When looking at how a CX fits within our organization, the team is responsible for ensuring a free-flowing consistent end-to-end relationship through the three tier customer funnel as well as each customer’s end-to-end experience. Something like this:

CX Flow


Before forming the team, we had a disconnected customer focus between the key roles which now make up the team:

  • Marketing Executive: Focus on the experience potential customers have by focusing on brand/sales needs
  • Platform UX: Focus on the user experience of partners within the software
  • Campaign Designers/Animator: Think about the experience customers have on end-customer facing campaign landing pages and emails
  • Platform Support: Focus on problems experienced by the software users.

Having already established ourselves as a cross-function organization in our journey from agency to product, it’s easy for us to join teams which are not necessarily aligned with reporting lines. You could put almost everyone in the center of a Venn diagram in regard to how their role fits different teams. For example, I fall into the Design Team (as reporting manager), Platform Development Team (as the product owner and UX designer) and now the CX Team (as lead).

Okay, so why do this anyway?

Elastic Grid has always had a serious focus on customer satisfaction across the board, however it wasn’t always completely aligned within the organization, with each team taking care of their own as outlined above. When taking into account an entire customer journey, from the first interaction with our company, say, something as small as a tweet, all the way through to a conversation with one of our Elastic Grid Marketing Specialists, the experience wasn’t always consistent. That’s not to say it wasn’t good, just not designed from end-to-end.

The basic goal can be explained like this. If Elastic Grid is telling a story that starts with one team member on page one, the team member on the last page will know how to end the story because every team member on each page in-between has done a great job of connecting the plot points.

Since the inception of the team, we have reached our target objectives in a few short months.

  • Roll out brand updates across our website, social media presence, sales collateral and the software itself
  • Continued improvement of social media reach and engagement by leveraging personal team members’ online profiles
  • Examine the sales process, identify problems and enable the team with the right tools to help generate leads and close deals
  • Work with our Elastic Grid Marketing Specialists to identify what they need in order to best help our clients’ partner base get the most out of the program (aligning with the previous sales cycle)
  • The creation of online training modules, completing company-wide domain testing and redefining applicable processes and documentation
  • Improved the communication of new platform features/enhancements by expanding release notes and recording all the show-and-tell sessions to give company-wide visibility
  • Start a ‘Lightning Talks’ initiative to get the wider team sharing their knowledge and experience
  • Identify development opportunities within the platform to help automate or ease manual processes.

There’s a long way to go yet, however all this can be attributed to a simple process founded on communication:

  • Listen to all other teams around the organization explain what they do, why they do it, and how
  • Ask lots of questions (such as why? seven times)
  • Run workshops to identify problems in the applicable customer journey (using basic customer journey mapping concepts like this)
  • Work on solutions to resolve pain points
  • Roll out and validate against defined metrics
  • Repeat.


Okay, so let’s meet the team:

Lorenzo Princi

Responsible for the Elastic Grid platform experience from user interface and branding and communicated business goals to the wider CX team.

Elastic Grid CX Team Lead

Jean-Baptiste Aubrun

Elastic Grid Marketing Executive protecting the Elastic Grid tone of voice, establishing a strong social-media presence and helping the sales team generate leads.

Elastic Grid CX Team Marketing Co-ordinator

Michelle Vuong & Milos Danilovic

The Elastic Grid designers, making things easy-to-use and look good but mainly play with Lego and drink coffee as you can see them do here…



Andrew O’Neill

Animator and video creator extraordinaire, aside from helping the campaign creation team, Andrew is explaining all our difficult through-partner marketing concepts by creating simple animations as well as ensuring all our company presentations, show and tells and lightning talks are recorded and shared for everyone to benefit from.

Richard Maligalig

The real MVP. Elastic Grid’s support and training representative, Richard is in high demand helping to ensure everyone is armed and ready for their customer service needs, whether being client services or the marketing support teams.



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Lead UX designer and Design Team Lead at Elastic Grid, responsible for the user experience of the platform and the products visual brand. Lorenzo has extensive experience designing simple digital solutions for large, complex commercial projects, including e-Commerce, marketing campaigns and content management platforms.

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