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Proving Channel ROI Isn’t As Hard As You Think

By on 16th February 2017

For most, proving ROI in the channel can be difficult and for good reasons – getting partners to report is difficult, deal cycles are long and complicated and internal sales team want to claim a lot of the credit. The

Deconstructing Monoliths: Rise of The Micro-Services

By on 10th February 2017

Monolith means “one stone”. That sounds like something old, something that takes a long time to build. When talking about organisations, we consider monoliths as large corporate structures we regard as indivisible and slow to change. That same definition applies to software, whether

Stop Reporting And Start Monitoring

By on 23rd January 2017

In business, we often talk about keeping a finger on the pulse but what exactly that means and how to do it are often difficult to define. In isolation, individual KPI’s are important, however how do we connect it all

6 Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out For

By on 6th January 2017

Have you started planning your digital marketing strategies for 2017? Whether yes or no, are you capitalizing on the next trends boom? In a constantly evolving media landscape, with new technology, social media tools and best practices replacing old, whoever

You’ve Got Hyper-Personalized Email

By on 2nd December 2016

One of the first things people do every morning, after hitting the snooze button, is reach for their phone to check their email. It has almost become a subconscious act. And all throughout the day and the last thing at

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Release Notes – November 28, 2016

By on 28th November 2016

Release Notes Stay tuned for these regular updates following each of our agile platform development sprints. 1. Channel Reports Campaign micro-site registrant information is now available in the Partner Engagement module site breakdown.     2. Auto-Opt Out for Hard Bounced Emails

How Going Viral Benefits B2B Marketing

By on 18th November 2016

When you hear the term ‘viral marketing’, you think about some unorthodox or funny YouTube videos. Remember the Volvo Truck video of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s doing the splits  or dumping water on celebrity businessman now US President elect Donald Trump

memes B2B marketing

Ride the Meme Wave: Why Laughter Benefits Your B2B Marketing Strategy

By on 11th November 2016

Having emerged from Reddit in 2003, memes are exploding online. Dominating Internet culture, multiple brands are now using them to become more approachable to their audience. A meme (in case you’re wondering) is an image, video, and phrase, a combination of

Release Notes graphic

Release Notes – November 11, 2016

By on 7th November 2016

Release Notes Stay tuned for these regular updates following each of our agile platform development sprints. 1. Campaign Launcher Warning and error message updated to appear based on number of recipients for campaign execution. If total recipients is less than 1,000 contacts, there

Influencing User Behavior with End-To-End CX

By on 4th November 2016

In order to influence someone’s behavior you need them to make a choice. Choice involves someone feeling the affects of their current situation, assessing the options and choosing to do something different. If you force behavior change, you may have

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