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4 Tips For Work Emoji Etiquette

By on 25th May 2017

In light of the recent emoji update, I wanted to reflect on the business impact of these little emotive cartoons. Back in the day, smileys were only used by teenagers chatting online. Now we see more and more people leveraging

call to action (cta) to generate leads

Call-to-Action (CTA) Best Practices (Part 1)

By on 11th May 2017

Lead generation can be hit and miss. While some people might find your website and offering easily and convert immediately, others view your pages then leave without telling you their name, phone number or email. It could be that your visitors didn’t

Maximizing Lead Generation Through The Power of Campaign Aggregation

By on 2nd May 2017

Elastic Grid is always looking to help channel resellers maximize their lead generation potential. Our initiatives such as user feedback, brand/reseller relationship building and partner profiling allow us to clearly identify and solve channel resellers’ pain points. As a result, we evolved into the

It’s Not Me, It’s You. Why Customers Leave Brands

By on 28th April 2017

Taking a customer-centric approach when creating marketing campaigns is not a new concept. But how has it changed in the digital age of the hyper-connected consumer? Today brands aren’t just vying for the divided attention of customers against other brands.

Reap The Rewards Of Using Infographics In Your B2B Strategy

By on 6th April 2017

In the age of information overload, getting across data-heavy B2B content to your customers is a challenge. The delivery can often go ignored as data alone can be dry, unengaging and tough to understand. The best way to get facts

2017 User Feedback Report

By on 5th April 2017

User feedback is in and the verdict is… Channel resellers want access to more brands and marketing content, in one place. 2017 is all about Reinventing Channel Marketing. As a demand generation Marketplace, a key driver of change is listening to our

content that gains both shares and links is better positioned to build authority and drive traffic

Content Amplification Success Combo: Social Shares + Links

By on 17th March 2017

With social media usage exploding, most marketers believe social sharing is the only activity they need for their content amplification strategy. Social sharing is part of, not, the amplification process and content shares on their own are not always a

How World Events Impact Marketing Strategy

By on 9th March 2017

Nowadays, with the prevalence of digital communications, community managers are exposed to many events happening around the world on a daily basis. For some of them, a great marketing strategy is to react as fast as possible to news. How

content marketing

Stop Overthinking, Start Writing Your Content

By on 2nd March 2017

Business owners and marketers can overthink too much when it comes to content marketing creation. They tend to get hung up on producing game-changing masterpieces. And if they ever get the content out, it’s rarely as compelling as they predicted

4 Ways Virtual Reality Will Affect Marketing

By on 23rd February 2017

Although virtual reality isn’t new, the way it’s being used for marketing purposes is. VR allows you to experience a theme or situation like if you’re there but with no direct physical effects. Virtual reality refers to an immersive, computer-generated

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