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Scaling Support to Maximize User Success

By on 9th November 2017

While Elastic Grid’s rapid user growth validates the Marketplace vision and the pressing need for the product we’re building, it also comes with challenges. Making interactions work for, not against, us Leading our marketing efforts at Elastic Grid, I recently

Case Study: How Marketing and Product Teamwork Fosters Growth

By on 4th October 2017

Collaboration between marketing and product with a user-first approach can result in amazing creations. With a growth mindset, we recently focused on ways to empower more businesses to leverage Elastic Grid so they can grow their bottom line. Mentality shift:

Getting Personal with Personalization

By on 31st August 2017

It’s difficult to think of a more exciting time in marketing. New technology is providing companies with amazing avenues to directly interact with customers, and delivers multiple touchpoints across a vast array of channels and devices. This has created an

14 Tools That Will Boost Your Marketing Stack

By on 28th July 2017

Being aware of what your marketing stack consists of, and working towards improving, it is the first step to stronger demand generation, better team alignment and higher business efficiency. Adding tools to it can be necessary, but above all, make

8 Strategies Driving Traffic to Your Lead-Gen Site

By on 21st July 2017

In the digital world, you’ll come across various types of lead generating (or lead-gen) sites. There’s a valid reason for this, as these pages allow all types of businesses to capture relevant information about potential customers, so they can ultimately

Build a Team That Will Center Your Product Around Customer Experience

By on 17th July 2017

Customer Experience (CX) is generally described as the interaction between an organization and a customer. This interaction includes a customer’s attraction, awareness, discovery, cultivation, advocacy, purchase and use of a service. Why Build a CX Team Building a team that considers and

Marketing and the Importance of Content Brevity

By on 30th June 2017

“Don’t tell me how the clock works, tell me the time.” Marketers become very passionate when talking about their company, products and services. As well they should. However, for many, the challenge is conveying their message quickly. Keeping the audience

The 3 Pillars For Marketing Success – An Elastic Grid Case Study

By on 23rd June 2017

As Elastic Grid accelerates its shift towards fully becoming the first channel Marketplace, I wanted to reflect on how we enable Marketing to play an integral role for internal and external stakeholders to embrace change, while generating demand. Digital interactions

Why You Should Try Using Emoji In Your Marketing Emails

By on 15th June 2017

Following on from my previous article about using emoji in work emails, let’s look at why and how you can leverage emoji icons within your marketing strategy, and generate more engagement. Why should I consider emoji in my marketing strategy?

4 Tips For Work Emoji Etiquette

By on 25th May 2017

In light of the recent emoji update, I wanted to reflect on the business impact of these little emotive cartoons. Back in the day, smileys were only used by teenagers chatting online. Now we see more and more people leveraging

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