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2 Steps To Guarantee Partner Adoption

By on 25th January 2017

Increasing campaign adoption can be a challenge for vendors. But one our clients consistently achieves three times the partner adoption of their programs over other vendors of the same size and larger. How? I hear you ask and that’s a

4 Channel Components to Dominate 2017

By on 13th January 2017

For many channel marketers, 2016 was a wild ride. But strap in and hold on, things are going to accelerate throughout 2017. This year, channel marketers will be more strategic and targeted in how they communicate with partners, resellers and

channel marketing model

The Flaws of the Current Channel Marketing Model

By on 9th December 2016

According to research firm IDC, the U.S. IT industry is worth over $1 trillion, with two-thirds of IT products and services sold through indirect channels. There’s untapped revenue in the sector brands should jump on, that’s why an effective channel

The Path to Success: Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

By on 20th October 2016

Technology has not only changed buyer behavior, it has transformed the buyer’s journey. In today’s hyper-connected world of internet enabled mobile devices, customers are actively researching companies, management, employees, products and services online, long before contacting a salesperson. This has

Digital marketing transformation

How Vendors Can Help Partners through the Digital Marketing Transformation

By on 26th August 2016

Back in the days marketing drove customers to the door and sales closed the deal, sales were done and repeat. Meanwhile, marketing had no direct link to IT, which usually sat quietly in the back room doing geeky things many

5 Ways to Improve your Channel Marketing Strategy

By on 19th August 2016

Vendors need to develop a channel marketing strategy that goes beyond the word of mouth and face-to-face programs. These alone just don’t cut it in the digital age.

Why You Need a Customer Advocacy Strategy in Your Channel Marketing Plan

By on 15th July 2016

Vendors need to have balance between traditional push and pull efforts. Despite content being king, valuable and creative content going viral or generating sales, sometimes is met with a collective yawn. A customer advocacy strategy in your channel and overall

3 Channel Marketing Tactics to Ensure Program Success

By on 24th June 2016

The days of vendors leaving channel partners to sell their products their own way and fend for themselves are becoming less common. Today vendors are getting involved in picking partners and providing them marketing collateral to ensure sales rise and


Customize Your Messaging, Get Real Results

By on 27th May 2016

Writing relevant and engaging messaging in an email campaign or to promote a post on social media is key to capturing your audiences’ attention in the age of information overload, it shows you have a genuine interest in addressing their

How Social Influencers Impact Channel Marketing

By on 15th April 2016

Social media tracking demonstrates a clear representation of how topics and themes evolve. Jointly, its rise made it easier for determined individuals to influence opinions, spark debate and create chaos. This scenario has given rise to influencers. Influencers have diverse

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