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3 Channel Marketing Misconceptions Hurting Your Resellers

By on 8th June 2017

Running a channel marketing program involves so many moving parts, it can only be an agile process. However, that doesn’t mean all learnings must be costly. Having analyzed partner feedback over the past few months, it was time to expose

Maximizing Lead Generation Through The Power of Campaign Aggregation

By on 2nd May 2017

Elastic Grid is always looking to help channel resellers maximize their lead generation potential. Our initiatives such as user feedback, brand/reseller relationship building and partner profiling allow us to clearly identify and solve channel resellers’ pain points. As a result, we evolved into the

technology changing reseller expectations

How Technology Is Changing Reseller Expectations

By on 13th April 2017

Technology is central to your life – apps and devices are not just used to get information but simplify daily activities, e.g. a Fitbit counts your steps, monitors heart rate and tells you the weather. The connection between social, mobile

Why You Should “Profile” Your Partners

By on 5th April 2017

Let’s face it, most vendors are only able to focus on the top 20-30% of their partners. Most of the time the top is simply defined by size or how much revenue the partner brings to the relationship. Per CompTIA

2017 User Feedback Report

By on 5th April 2017

User feedback is in and the verdict is… Channel resellers want access to more brands and marketing content, in one place. 2017 is all about Reinventing Channel Marketing. As a demand generation Marketplace, a key driver of change is listening to our

Growing Partner Enablement Through Event Campaigns

By on 24th March 2017

A constant challenge for brands is how to encourage and enhance partner engagement to expand reach across different verticals and market segments. One way to add to your Partner Enablement program is through unique partner event campaigns. An Event Campaign

brands musr strengthen reseller relationships

How Brands Can Strengthen Reseller Relationships

By on 24th March 2017

Brands looking to generate an increase in revenue, improve service levels and reduce sales and marketing costs can no longer afford to ignore their channels, they need to strengthen reseller relationships. Resellers spread across multiple geographies and segments are now

Proving Channel ROI Isn’t As Hard As You Think

By on 16th February 2017

For most, proving ROI in the channel can be difficult and for good reasons – getting partners to report is difficult, deal cycles are long and complicated and internal sales team want to claim a lot of the credit. The

2 Steps To Guarantee Partner Adoption

By on 25th January 2017

Increasing campaign adoption can be a challenge for vendors. But one our clients consistently achieves three times the partner adoption of their programs over other vendors of the same size and larger. How? I hear you ask and that’s a

4 Components Dominating Channel Marketing

By on 13th January 2017

For many channel marketers, 2016 was a wild ride. But strap in and hold on, things are accelerating. This year, channel marketers will be more strategic and targeted in how they communicate with partners, resellers and affiliates. To expand reach

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