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Lorenzo Princi

Lead UX designer and Design Team Lead at Elastic Grid, responsible for the user experience of the platform and the products visual brand. Lorenzo has extensive experience designing simple digital solutions for large, complex commercial projects, including e-Commerce, marketing campaigns and content management platforms.

Build a Team That Will Center Your Product Around Customer Experience

By on 17th July 2017

Customer Experience (CX) is generally described as the interaction between an organization and a customer. This interaction includes a customer’s attraction, awareness, discovery, cultivation, advocacy, purchase and use of a service. Why Build a CX Team Building a team that considers and

Maximizing Lead Generation Through The Power of Campaign Aggregation

By on 2nd May 2017

Elastic Grid is always looking to help channel resellers maximize their lead generation potential. Our initiatives such as user feedback, brand/reseller relationship building and partner profiling allow us to clearly identify and solve channel resellers’ pain points. As a result, we evolved into the

2017 User Feedback Report

By on 5th April 2017

User feedback is in and the verdict is… Channel resellers want access to more brands and marketing content, in one place. 2017 is all about Reinventing Channel Marketing. As a demand generation Marketplace, a key driver of change is listening to our

Deconstructing Monoliths: Rise of The Micro-Services

By on 10th February 2017

Monolith means “one stone”. That sounds like something old, something that takes a long time to build. When talking about organisations, we consider monoliths as large corporate structures we regard as indivisible and slow to change. That same definition applies to software, whether

Stop Reporting And Start Monitoring

By on 23rd January 2017

In business, we often talk about keeping a finger on the pulse but what exactly that means and how to do it are often difficult to define. In isolation, individual KPI’s are important, however how do we connect it all

Influencing User Behavior with End-To-End CX

By on 4th November 2016

In order to influence someone’s behavior you need them to make a choice. Choice involves someone feeling the affects of their current situation, assessing the options and choosing to do something different. If you force behavior change, you may have

Testing Your UX Theory Before UX Design

By on 10th June 2016

The UX Theory Context is important in UX, especially when asking a person to perform an action. However, if you can communicate an idea without context, you’re probably on the right path. We in the UX team at Elastic Grid

CX at Elastic Grid

By on 6th May 2016

We in the Elastic Grid CX (Customer Experience) team love our Lego because at its core, the yellow brick toy helps us to keep developing fundamental skills required for our jobs; imagination and practical problem solving. Throwing a bucket of

Just Show Me Some Content! An Elastic Grid UX Report On Collateral Search

By on 16th June 2015

During March and April the UX design team focused on analyzing usage of the Collateral Library, including flows to it, interactions on landing, and search results pages. We analyzed across vendors with the most popular libraries and identified a few

These are not the reports you are looking for… An Elastic Grid UX Report on Analytics Time-Frames

By on 2nd June 2015

When designing reporting tools, the metric that is always a constant is time-frame. Is this a daily, weekly, quarterly or annual report? Tools such as Google Analytics set a predefined time-frame when you arrive (starting at today and going back

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