The Four Stages of Partner Marketing Enablement – Stage 2: Set up and Execute Demand Generation Campaigns

By on 25th June 2013

Promotion through Demand Generation Campaigns

Last week we introduced the concepts of Partner Marketing and Sales Enablement. We also discussed the first stage in this process: Learn. Why? Because, before sending your channel partners out into the marketing wilderness, you need to help them understand what they are selling. So now, we look at the second stage of partner marketing enablement: Promote through Demand Generation Campaigns.

After undertaking your in-depth training and demonstrating their understanding of the associated materials, the next step for your channel partners is to set up and execute demand generation campaigns. Again, this is not a standalone exercise—they need your support to develop a compelling message that motivates their prospects. And, you need them to adhere to your branding and marketing guidelines.

To successfully promote your solutions, your channel partners need enterprise-grade tools to reach out to, and communicate effectively with, potential customers—tools that make it easy to measure and act on the results.

By providing your channel partners with the right tools, you can improve their demand generation efforts, and save them time and resources.

These tools include professionally designed digital campaigns, personalized emails, co-branded direct mail, social media messaging, and other powerful communications vehicles that effectively promote your solutions—generating leads. Lots of them.

Give your partners what they need to get the right message in front of the right audiences at the right time.

Want to learn more about the next two stages now?

Download the whitepaper The Four Stages of Partner Marketing Enablement.

You can also visit the Enablement Tools section of the Elastic Grid website to learn more about our Solution Enablement Toolkits (SETs). SETs are secure, online portals that organize content according to the four stages of enablement. Our clients use them to educate all tiers of their partners’ organizations, building marketable solution offerings that help them convert generating leads into generating revenue.

Next week we will take a closer look at the third stage in Partner Marketing Enablement: Selling.

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Meghan is Marketing Manager at Elastic Grid. Having previously led the project management and account management teams, Meghan knows first-hand the impact Elastic Grid can have on demand generation for clients. Now, she gets to use the platform to market Elastic Grid itself.

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