9 Tips for Optimizing your AdWords campaign (The Power of AdWords – Part 3)

By on 26th November 2014

As promised in the previous post in this series, here are some hints and tips to optimize your Ad and Campaign.

Your campaign is up and running, you have chosen the best Keyword possible for your brand, all your conversions are being tracked and all of this falls into your budget. Great. But what’s next?

1. Keep it professional

Okay this one may sound like a rookie mistake but you would not believe how many Ads contain typos. Double check for spelling and grammatical errors. Although, there are some who use mis-spelling  strategically. Up to you…

2. Stand out!

What makes you unique? Highlight your differentiators in your Ad to leverage your Click-Through Rate (CTR).

3. Have a clear CTA (Call to Action)

Use of strong verbs such as Download, Buy, Request will help customers understand the benefit of your Ad.

4. Use Keywords in Ad text

Make sure that the Keywords you bid on are present in your Ad text and landing page.  The more of these keywords, the higher your quality score. It will also catch the eye of the user who searched for these keywords showing that your ad/landing page is relevant to what they are looking for.

5. Keep Ad group Keyword list short

In order to optimize your Ads and use related keywords in each, keep your Ad group short and create specific Ads for each.

6. Use a relevant landing page

Choose a landing page that includes the keywords from the search. This will help raise your Quality score. It proves to Google that your Ad’s landing page is relevant for the user.

7. Test multiple versions of your Ad

Google allows you to create multiple Ads within a single Ad group. These Ads will automatically rotate. Google then reports on which worked the best in terms of ROI and CTR. A better Ad will have a better quality score and therefore a lower Cost-per-Click (CPC). Do not hesitate to get rid of the Ads that are not performing well and keep refining the ones that are working.

8. Set higher bids on exact matches

Include both broad and exact matches for a keyword phrase. Bid higher for the exact match. This allows you to better control the position of your Ad when it gets an exact search match.

9. Use negative keywords

The negative keyword feature will prevent your Ad from displaying alongside specific keywords. The more irrelevant keywords you add to that list, the better position your Ad will achieve, through relevancy, which in turn helps your CTR.


Google AdWords presents a massive learning curve that you can overcome. But, you need to constantly test, report, analyze and refine your campaigns. After all, AdWords is all about completing the circle of relevancy, conversion and quality score to appear on top and actually make the most of the money you spend on this advertising platform.

At Elastic Grid, we manage our AdWords marketing strategy in-house. I monitor it on a daily basis. Feel free to leave a question or comment in the text box below!


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As Elastic Grid's Marketing Executive, Jean-Baptiste is responsible for planning and executing inbound and outbound marketing strategies in line with the company vision. It involves digital production, lead generation, culture development and platform enablement across internal teams and clients.

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