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iTech Analytics’ AWS Grid Campaign creates $50K Pipeline

By on 30th September 2014

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“Our experience with the AWS Grid platform has been great. As a startup, we are looking at ways to leverage our advertising exposure through our technology partners and this really helps us reach our target audience.”

AWS Grid Campaign

Partnering with AWS gives iTech Analytics access to demand generation campaigns on the AWS Grid. The Grid helps them generate leads and win new customers. Campaigns on Elastic Grid are supported by the Elastic Grid Marketing Specialists, helping partners optimize their campaign results. Elastic Grid Marketing Specialist Kasi Cruz,  reached out to iTech Analytics’ Co-Founder, Chuck Jackson, to help optimize their AWS Grid campaign What is cloud computing?


iTech Analytics’ AWS Grid campaign helped generate a pipeline of $50K.


“Kasi is a pleasure to work with and goes the extra mile when ask for help. She has helped us tweek our content and message so we maximize it’s impact and results.”

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Partner Background

iTech Analytics provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions in Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence, and Custom Solutions leveraging open source and industry standard tools and technologies to integrate with your enterprise infrastructure.

Please visit itech-analysis.com for more information on their entire suite of solutions.



If you’re an Amazon Web Services partner and would like to make the most of the AWS campaigns on Elastic Grid, please contact Kasi.Cruz at ElasticGrid.com.


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