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Welcome to Elastic Grid's Channel Marketing Blog

Welcome to Elastic Grid's Channel Marketing Blog

Welcome to Elastic Grid's Channel Marketing Blog


5 Tips to Enhance B2B Twitter Engagement

By on 26th July 2014

In our last post on social media, we highlighted how 92% of B2B organizations use Twitter as part of their through-partner marketing strategy, but only 25% feel it’s useful. Make Twitter work for your organization with these 5 tips:

  1. To get followers, you must follow

Follow thought leaders, industry experts, academic institutions, and major online publications. Not only will you receive a lot of great content, but you can also follow their followers. This is a quick way to increase your own. Not everyone will follow you back, but many will.

  1. Boost engagement with images

Twitter is now a lot more visual. With in-stream image previews rolled out late last year, images now automatically appear in a user’s timeline without having to click on a link. The change isn’t without reason. Images boost retweets by 150%, favorites by 89%, and clicks by 18%. But beware. Twitter automatically crops images, so ensure yours are optimized.

  1. Maximize exposure with #hashtags

Twitter reports that hashtags increase retweets by 16%, and recommend using no more than two per tweet to avoid confusing, annoying, and potentially losing followers. In fact, using more than two hashtags can decrease Tweet engagement by 17%. A good rule of thumb is to focus on your update first, and if it adds value, include up to two hashtags.

  1. Optimize content for best impact

Studies show that tweets shorter than 100 characters generate 17% more engagement. For tweets with links, 120-130 characters achieves optimal click-through rate, with link placement 25% of the way through. According to Twitter, a video URL increases retweets by 28%, a quote by 19%, and digits by 17%.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask

Dramatically increase response rates by simply asking people to ‘download’, ‘retweet’, ‘follow’, or reply to a tweet. When requesting a retweet, remember your manners. Tweets that say ‘PleaseRT’ get three times more retweets, and those with ‘Please ReTweet’, four times more. And make sure you give a timely response. Use @ to reply to tweets or when you mention other companies. Frequently engaging your followers in conversations injects that human element you need to avoid being perceived as just another stale corporate mouthpiece.

Stay tuned for our next post.



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