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Marketing Innovation with the Elastic Grid Collateral Library

By on 21st April 2015

Our recent survey revealed that content marketing support is the most desired type of marketing support partners want from vendors, accounting for 35% of responses.

It’s no surprise then that our vendor clients and their partners are increasingly discovering the benefits of the Collateral Library within the Elastic Grid partner demand generation platform.

As a one-stop-shop for partner education, enablement, and empowerment assets, the Collateral Library allows partners to quickly and easily search for, and download, a range of ready to use collateral. Available in multiple languages, these assets play an important part in helping partners generate leads and close sales for their vendor’s solutions.

A central, easy-to-use repository for collateral

Partners can leverage a wide range of sales tools and marketing assets, including email templates, sales resources, call scripts, copy blocks, ad banners, solution briefs, white papers, videos, and much more. It’s all in the one place, and assets are accessible anytime, from any device.

Download assets with just a few clicks

The Collateral Library provides an easy-to-use layout to help partners leverage collateral fast. They can search for collateral organically with the search bar, or they can refine their search for specific solutions, Grid campaigns or even languages (or a combination of these three).

For quick and easy access, the most popular collateral asset types appear under the search field on the right hand side of the page. And partners can save time searching for campaign specific collateral by simply clicking on the campaign tile at the bottom of the page.

Collateral Library screen


Going beyond content marketing support

In addition to content marketing support, our survey reveals that 17% of partners seek event marketing support. In this regard, the Collateral Library delivers. Partners can download Event Kits to simplify the entire event planning process, from sending initial invitations, all the way through following up and thanking attendees.

Partner education is also a big part of the Collateral Library. Partners can download best practice documents to help optimize their Grid campaigns, and access go-to-market strategies to help them streamline their sales process.

And with the Collateral Library’s Campaigns-2-Go feature, partners can access everything they need to run a Grid campaign on a third-party marketing automation platform. It’s as simple as downloading a HTML file and integrating the campaign into their chosen platform. Email and landing page templates, copy blocks, images, and resources are all included.

Contact your Elastic Grid Marketing Specialist for more details about the Collateral Library. Or if you’re new to the Elastic Grid partner demand generation platform, feel free to request a demo. These recent Partner Spotlights showcase how partners are getting great results with their vendors’ campaigns on Elastic Grid, around the world.

Stay tuned for our next post.

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