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Brocade Campaign helps NETsolutions generate $210K Pipeline from 7 Appointments

By on 18th October 2014


“Elastic Grid has helped us set a number of appointments with the leads it has generated.”

Brocade Grid Campaign

Partnering with Brocade gives NETsolutions access to demand generation campaigns on the Brocade Grid. The Grid helps them generate leads and win new customers. Campaigns on Brocade Grid (hosted on the Elastic Grid demand generation platform) are supported by Elastic Grid Marketing Specialists. Their aim is simple: help partners optimize their campaign results.

Elastic Grid Marketing Specialist Austin Burningham, reached out to NETsolutions’ Sales Coordinator, Claudia Higueros, to help optimize their Brocade Grid campaign: Simplified Network.


NETsolutions’ Brocade Grid campaign generated $210K in revenue pipeline from 7 appointments

Find Elastic Grid Marketing Specialist Austin Burningham on LinkedIn.


“Austin has helped make using The Grid a positive experience. Austin has help us register for campaigns and set-up the campaign launches, making the process very simple.”.



Partner Background

Aiming to integrate telecommunications solutions in a changing marketplace, Net Solutions was born more than 10 years ago. The company presents 6 main business areas in which they have framed high level solutions such as network maintenance, HFC (Hybrid Fibre Coaxial), ADSL, electrical installations and other special projects.  These services, integrating quality and skilled labor, generate results that exceed the expectations of their customers

Please visit netsolutions.com.gt for more information on their entire suite of solutions.

Brocade Logo

If you’re a Brocade partner and would like to make the most of campaigns on the Brocade Grid (hosted on the Elastic Grid platform), please contact Austin.Burningham at ElasticGrid.com.

Stay tuned for more Partner Spotlights.

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