A Starter’s Guide to Creating a Killer Content Hub

By on 23rd September 2016

Last week we covered ‘why’ you need a content hub in times where blogs just don’t cut it. But how can you create an effective, leads-driven content hub? How can you make a killer entry and stay relevant to your audience? What steps do you need to follow to get a head start?

Don’t survive, prevail. Here’s a quick starter’s guide to creating an effective content hub:

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Rise of the Machines. Marketing Automation Platforms Get Personal

By on 30th September 2016

Are automated marketing platforms all hype? Well, the short answer is, no. The long answer; absolutely not. Whether it’s at home, commuting to and from work or out socially, people are spending more of their time on internet enabled mobile

Release Notes graphic

Release Notes – September 26, 2016

By on 26th September 2016

Stay tuned for these regular updates following each of our agile platform development sprints. 1. Lead Alert Emails The messaging now showcases the important recipient information for immediate follow up. 2. General Improved translations Performance Upgrades Bug Fixes For more information about

Why you need a content hub

But I Have a Blog…YES, and You Need a Content Hub Too

By on 16th September 2016

In the quest for digital survival, content marketing is the water needed for your company to push through or you may just RIP. One strategy to increase your survival chances is creating, and publishing relevant and targeted content via a

sales trends organizations must know

4 Sales Trends Every Organization Must Know by Now

By on 9th September 2016

Some organizations are still in the Stone Age when it comes to keeping up with sales trends and practices. Sales methods, processes and tactics are changing constantly. Just when you think you’re up-to-date with best practices, updated technology is released

Release Notes graphic

Release Notes – September 5, 2016

By on 5th September 2016

Release Notes Stay tuned for these regular updates following each of our agile platform development sprints. 1. Portal Branding Channel Marketing Managers can now edit their Vendor portal. 2. CRM and Salesforce Users can create Leads in Salesforce even without an opportunity


Get Your A-game On With Our Email UX Testing Takeaways

By on 2nd September 2016

At Elastic Grid, we’re always looking for ways to improve our products and services, so it was time for email UX testing.  The CX team wanted to analyze the reception, performance and call-to-action (CTA) click-through of its emails used in

Digital marketing transformation

How Vendors Can Help Partners through the Digital Marketing Transformation

By on 26th August 2016

Back in the days marketing drove customers to the door and sales closed the deal, sales were done and repeat. Meanwhile, marketing had no direct link to IT, which usually sat quietly in the back room doing geeky things many

Learn how to improve your channel marketing strategy

5 Ways to Improve your Channel Marketing Strategy

By on 19th August 2016

Vendors need to develop a channel marketing strategy that goes beyond the word of mouth and face-to-face programs. These alone just don’t cut it in the digital age.

Release Notes graphic

Release Notes – August 15, 2016

By on 15th August 2016

Release Notes Stay tuned for these regular updates following each of our agile platform development sprints. 1. Campaign Launcher Implemented a warning and error message to appear based on number of recipients for campaign execution. If total recipients is less than 2,000

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