Elastic Grid Gets Outstanding Results For Tech Giant

By on 20th May 2016

Elastic Grid continues to revolutionize the channel space, this time by boosting revenue for Google’s partners.

Speaking at the Google Apps For Work Summit this past April, Elastic Grid’s founder and CEO Cameron Avery explained how partners using Elastic Grid generate considerable pipeline and quantifiable revenue.

eSource Capital, a partner that offers cloud services from the three major providers: Google, Microsoft and Amazon, has used Google campaigns available on the platform to source almost $230k in revenue and generate around $2 million worth of opportunities. The partner did not have internal resources to create content, so it had to figure out a way of developing and sending relevant and engaging information regularly to its clients and prospects.

“When the Elastic Grid platform was presented to us, we were attracted by the fact we wouldn’t need to generate the content or send anything ourselves,” explained Ana Luisa Vegas, Marketing Manager at eSource Capital. 

“Through the ease of using pre-populated content, Elastic Grid became a crucial part of our nurturing progress. It played a pivotal role in helping us salvage some prospect conversations and deals were re-opened,” she continued.

Another successful Google partner has been OnSite Helper, for which a single campaign generated $10,000 in revenue.

Adrian Cosman-Jones, CEO at Onsite Helper said his company had no outbound lead generation strategies, and wanted to find an efficient and effective way to communicate with potential clients in non-technical terminology, it then decided to try Elastic Grid.

“The main objective of the campaign generated utilizing the Elastic Grid platform was to achieve more leads with minimal effort and maximum results,” Cosman-Jones said. “Another objective was to quickly qualify those leads that align with our target market so we could focus on immediately responding to their requests.”

“Elastic Grid packs a punch,” he said, “and hits the target with great results. Additionally, the post-campaign analysis provided insights into how engaged the prospect was, which allows me to tailor the next communication method to gain a better result.”

This week Kathryn Rose, Vice President of Business Strategy and Development, was presenting at the Google Apps For Work Summit in Dublin to discuss the buyer’s journey and impress upon partners the need to perform a variety of different marketing activities to attract prospects at various stages of the buying cycle.

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