Digital marketing transformation

How Vendors Can Help Partners through the Digital Marketing Transformation

By on 26th August 2016

Back in the days marketing drove customers to the door and sales closed the deal, sales were done and repeat. Meanwhile, marketing had no direct link to IT, which usually sat quietly in the back room doing geeky things many didn’t really understand. Read more…

Learn how to improve your channel marketing strategy

5 Ways to Improve your Channel Marketing Strategy

By on 19th August 2016

Vendors need to develop a channel marketing strategy that goes beyond the word of mouth and face-to-face programs. These alone just don’t cut it in the digital age.

Release Notes graphic

Release Notes – August 15, 2016

By on 15th August 2016

Release Notes Stay tuned for these regular updates following each of our agile platform development sprints. 1. Campaign Launcher Implemented a warning and error message to appear based on number of recipients for campaign execution. If total recipients is less than 2,000

Creative Content

Slap Your Customers in the Face With a Salmon

By on 12th August 2016

There’s an old adage that goes (paraphrasing), ‘there’s nothing easier than creating a marketing campaign, there’s nothing harder than creating a great and successful one.’ Traditionally B2B campaigns are very factual and formulaic in their approach. But the tide has

whiteboard animations

Why Customers Can’t Get Enough of Whiteboard Animations

By on 5th August 2016

There’s a fun simplicity about whiteboard animations that cannot be achieved by other video formats. The constant visually and mentally stimulating movement provide a way for companies to engage in the sales conversation with customers that’s more subtle than real-life


Why Marketers are Pushing for Personalization

By on 29th July 2016

Just in case you’re asking, personalization is much more than “Dear Silvia” in your MailChimp email. The rise of big data and analytics has the potential to better segment customer information. The growing adoption of automation is driving marketers to

Why mobile marketing is key

Why Mobile Marketing is Key in the Digital World

By on 22nd July 2016

Technology changes every day – no one, well maybe some futurists, could have predicted the iPhone or any other smartphone, or how it would evolve to become an integral part of our lifestyle. From sending emails, chatting, uploading selfies, listening


Why You Need a Customer Advocacy Strategy in Your Channel Marketing Plan

By on 15th July 2016

Vendors need to have balance between traditional push and pull efforts. Despite content being king, valuable and creative content going viral or generating sales, sometimes is met with a collective yawn. A customer advocacy strategy in your channel and overall


5 Ways to Be a Successful Sales Leader

By on 8th July 2016

Customers have access to a lot of product or service information online, and are less reliant on sellers, especially early in the buying cycle. They’re more informed than ever, tech-savvy and willing to quickly go elsewhere if not convinced by


SEO Trends You Need To Be Aware Of

By on 1st July 2016

The search and content marketing world has undergone some major changes in recent years and this is set to continue with a shift away from producing content for its own sake. Instead, there’s a trend towards the use of SEO and

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