The Path to Success: Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

By on 20th October 2016

Technology has not only changed buyer behavior, it has transformed the buyer’s journey.

In today’s hyper-connected world of internet enabled mobile devices, customers are actively researching companies, management, employees, products and services online, long before contacting a salesperson. This has made it infinitely more challenging for marketers to engage potential customers and help them navigate through their decision making journey

To begin and enhance the sales conversation earlier, marketing and sales managers are re-assessing strategies in order to meet changing consumer practices. A marketing automation platform that provides real-time lead alerts enables marketers to keep pace with a potential customer’s level of interest and current stage in the buyer’s journey. It also enables marketers to continually deliver relevant information and content that educates customers on the solutions they provide.

Although the buyer’s journey path may have changed, there’s still three fundamental stages:

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Release Notes graphic

Release Notes – October 17, 2016

By on 17th October 2016

Stay tuned for these regular updates following each of our agile platform development sprints. 1. Lead Alert Settings Improved UI for Lead Alert settings. ‘Manage Lead Alerts’ button moved from Settings and Schedules to Modules and Sites. 2. General Apply DKIM signature

work culture

How Elastic Grid’s Work Culture Affects Performance

By on 14th October 2016

“Business values define work culture. Work culture drives success.” Cameron Avery, Elastic Grid CEO At some point, we’ve all woken up dreading going to work knowing we have to deal with a boss, colleague or client that adds an extra layer

information security

Why Information Security Is Everyone’s Responsibility

By on 7th October 2016

Every day there’s news stories about information security breaches, and we’re seeing more related to human rather than technical errors. That’s why it’s important to clarify common misconceptions about information security and understand why it’s everyone’s problem and responsibility.


Rise of the Machines. Marketing Automation Platforms Get Personal

By on 30th September 2016

Are automated marketing platforms all hype? Well, the short answer is, no. The long answer; absolutely not. Whether it’s at home, commuting to and from work or out socially, people are spending more of their time on internet enabled mobile

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Release Notes – September 26, 2016

By on 26th September 2016

Stay tuned for these regular updates following each of our agile platform development sprints. 1. Lead Alert Emails The messaging now showcases the important recipient information for immediate follow up. 2. General Improved translations Performance Upgrades Bug Fixes For more information about


A Starter’s Guide to Creating a Killer Content Hub

By on 23rd September 2016

Last week we covered ‘why’ you need a content hub in times where blogs just don’t cut it. But how can you create an effective, leads-driven content hub? How can you make a killer entry and stay relevant to your

Why you need a content hub

But I Have a Blog…YES, and You Need a Content Hub Too

By on 16th September 2016

In the quest for digital survival, content marketing is the water needed for your company to push through or you may just RIP. One strategy to increase your survival chances is creating, and publishing relevant and targeted content via a

sales trends organizations must know

4 Sales Trends Every Organization Must Know by Now

By on 9th September 2016

Some organizations are still in the Stone Age when it comes to keeping up with sales trends and practices. Sales methods, processes and tactics are changing constantly. Just when you think you’re up-to-date with best practices, updated technology is released

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Release Notes – September 5, 2016

By on 5th September 2016

Release Notes Stay tuned for these regular updates following each of our agile platform development sprints. 1. Portal Branding Channel Marketing Managers can now edit their Vendor portal. 2. CRM and Salesforce Users can create Leads in Salesforce even without an opportunity

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