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5 Appointments from Integration Partners’ Juniper Grid Campaign create $250K Pipeline

By on 28th August 2014

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Helped with brand recognition, awareness, soft leads.

Juniper Grid Campaign

As a Juniper Networks partner, Integration Partners can access demand generation campaigns on the Juniper Grid. This helps them generate leads and win new customers. Campaigns on Elastic Grid are supported by the Elastic Grid Marketing Specialists, helping partners optimize their campaign results. An Elastic Grid Marketing Specialist reached out to Integration Partners’ Director of Marketing and Business Development, Bill Xydias, to help optimize their Juniper Grid campaign Juniper Security.


Partner Background

Founded in 1999, Integration Partners is now a leading, full-service voice and data network engineering firm serving enterprises in a range of industries, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, financial, retail, legal, government and service providers. They specialize in Unified Communications, and Secure Network Infrastructure solutions that are open and scalable. They offer a complete range of networking services, from planning and design, to testing and deployment, to ongoing monitoring and support.

Please visit integrationpartners.com for more information on their entire suite of solutions.

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If you’re a Juniper partner and would like to make the most of the Juniper campaigns on Elastic Grid, please contact Grid at ElasticGrid.com.


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Juniper Campaign helps Peak UpTime create a $350K Pipeline from 7 Appointments

By on 16th August 2014

“It has helped our team acknowledge a niche that was not as clear before.” Juniper Security Solutions Campaign Partnering with Juniper Networks gives Peak UpTime access to campaigns on Juniper’s Partner Demand Generation Center—helping them generate leads and win new customers.

NetApp Campaign generates $120K Pipeline from 4 Appointments for SGI Soluciones

By on 15th August 2014

“We like that the Grid sends automatic lead alerts and offers campaign reporting. The Grid is working well for us, with this particular campaign we have set four appointments with a total pipeline of $120,000.” FlexPod Express Campaign Partnering with NetApp


A Day in the Life of Team Bucharest

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In this instalment of our ‘A Day in the Life…’ series, we check in with our Partner Concierge Service Team in Bucharest, Romania. Meet Monica, Andreea, Alexandra, Smaranda and Dana, our hardworking team of Grid Marketing Specialists who help partners in

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5 Tips to Enhance B2B Facebook Engagement

By on 8th August 2014

Formerly regarded as not the worth the effort, Facebook is now embraced by B2B organizations. 43% acquire customers through the platform. With the largest user base of any social network, Facebook boasts the most potential for through-partner marketers. Optimize your Facebook engagement with these 5 tips:


AWS Campaign Garners tw telecom a 67% Appointment to Lead ratio

By on 7th August 2014

“We tied the GRID to our own internal campaign and we were able to get a total of 144 appointments as a result.” AWS Grid Campaign Partnering with AWS gives tw telecom access to demand generation campaigns on the AWS