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Elastic Grid Powers the New Juniper Marketing Concierge in EMEA

By on 23rd May 2015

Late last year, Juniper’s partners in EMEA were abuzz with news of the impending transformation of Juniper’s partner demand generation platform, the Juniper Marketing Concierge (JMC).

Word spread quickly that the new platform would feature an easier to use interface, improved analytics, and a searchable collateral library. It was billed as a more effective way to rapidly generate leads and close more sales. And, Juniper would host the JMC on Elastic Grid.

Lofty expectations were set, and not long after, were soundly exceeded.

Since its launch in February, the new and improved, Elastic Grid powered JMC has helped Juniper’s EMEA partners generate over US$1 million in sales pipeline. And it’s thanks in large part to the efforts of our Grid Marketing Specialist (GMS) Team based in Bucharest, Romania. They form the backbone of that region’s JMC Marketing Support Program.

Juniper EMEA GMS Team

Ramzi, Alexandra, and Igor, otherwise known as the JMC Marketing Specialist Team.

Offering support in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Arabic, Russian, and Romanian, the Bucharest GMS Team, known to Juniper’s EMEA partners as the JMC Marketing Specialist Team, are one of the driving forces behind the rapid partner uptake of the new JMC. Their role is simple: help partners set up, launch, and optimize their JMC campaigns to generate leads for Juniper solutions.

Earlier this month, Louise Hunter, Senior Marketing Manager for EMEA Partners and Commercial at Juniper, made the trip to our Bucharest office to learn more about the support our Bucharest GMS Team offers Juniper’s EMEA partners. Spending three days with the team left her suitably impressed, remarking:

“There is no doubt in my mind that the JMC Marketing Specialist Team will enable our partners to deliver excellence in partner marketing execution. They are already experts in how to launch integrated multi-touch email and social media campaigns that are available for partners to customize and co-brand using our new JMC Platform.”

Bucharest office

Inside the bullpen: the Bucharest GMS Team hard at work helping Juniper’s partners optimize their JMC campaigns.

So far, the Bucharest GMS Team has helped Juniper’s EMEA partners launch 52 campaigns, with the Branch Security campaign accounting for 40% of those launches.

And it’s not just Juniper’s EMEA partners who are capitalizing on the new and improved JMC. Take a look at our partner spotlights to discover some of the great results Juniper’s partners are generating around the world with the support of our global GMS Team.

If you’re looking for a simple, yet powerful way to help your partners generate leads, the Elastic Grid demand generation platform, backed by our global GMS Team, can help you get results. Juniper’s EMEA success story just proves it. Like Juniper, you too can start with a pilot, and watch your through-partner/channel marketing achieve phenomenal success. Contact us today to request a demo.

Stay tuned for our next post.


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