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Google Partner Onsite Helper Yields Actual Revenue Utilising Elastic Grid

By on 27th January 2016

“Elastic Grid packs a punch and hits the target with great results.”

– Adrian Cosman-Jones, CEO, Onsite Helper

The Challenge

More than five million organisations and businesses around the world are now using Google to communicate more efficiently with colleagues, clients and customers.

Despite this, Onsite Helper, a Melbourne based IT support service provider found it difficult to get the message out on the extensive range of applications Google for Work has to offer, and how businesses can take full advantage of these services.

Adrian Cosman-Jones, CEO at Onsite Helper, explained that their outbound lead generation strategies were non-existent. He wanted to find an efficient and effective way to communicate with potential clients in non-technical terminology.

The Solution

Valuating its partners, Google provided Onsite Helper with Elastic Grid. The cloud-based, automated demand generation platform delivered the ideal solution, and resulted in a $10,000 revenue stream for Onsite Helper.


As a specialist in integrated IT solutions for small businesses, Onsite Helper needs to be able to quickly communicate with its diverse client base located throughout the state of Victoria, in Australia. The company provides a comprehensive range of services to the accounting, legal, finance, real estate, health and hospitality professions.

The main objective of the campaign generated utilising the Elastic Grid platform was to achieve more leads with minimal effort and maximum results,” Adrian said. “Another objective was to quickly qualify those leads that align with our target market so we could focus on immediately responding to their requests.

Adrian commented that he used Elastic Grid because it has a simple to use interface, can be deployed quickly and communicated with the target audience in a clear and simple way.

Elastic Grid packs a punch,” he said, “and hits the target with great results. Additionally, the post-campaign analysis provided insights into how engaged the prospect was, which allows me to tailor the next communication method to gain a better result.”

The Results

As a direct result of the nurture flow campaign, Onsite Helper generated $10,000 in actual revenue.

The Google for Work campaign has performed very well,” said Adrian enthusiastically.

An additional and unexpected bonus of the campaign was Onsite Helper were able to acquire a number of new clients and complete Google for Work migrations. “These clients also became ongoing IT support clients for our business, so essentially we had two wins from the one client,” he added.

As well as being pleased with the performance of the campaign, Adrian also praised the support he received from Melbourne based Elastic Grid, Grid Marketing Specialist (GMS): Anfernee Chessnutt.

“Anfernee was very responsive and provided great advice and support during and after campaign execution with great effect. We would like to run other Google campaigns on Elastic Grid in the future.”

For more success stories, visit Elastic Grid’s Results Page.


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