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Elastic Grid Platform Updates: Nov 14

By on 24th November 2014

Elastic Grid platform updates reinforce our ongoing commitment to removing complexity from campaign automation. We’re all about making the Elastic Grid demand generation platform simple, yet powerful. This keeps our agile development team working tirelessly on existing feature enhancements, as well as the release of new features.

We continue to listen to feedback from clients and their partners alike. The team has some huge surprises in store for 2015, but for now, let’s take a look at what was released into production last month.

Before we get into it, if you missed our last platform update, you can find it here.

Push Leads from Elastic Grid to Salesforce

In our last post, we told you to stay tuned if you’re using Salesforce. Here’s why:


Elastic Grid’s simple, built-in Lead Nurture CRM system lets your partners nurture their leads and record all activity per contact and per campaign, with a simple interface.

You can now push your Leads and actionable data from the Elastic Grid Lead Nurture CRM into your Salesforce account.


Please note: The Salesforce API integration guidelines mean that you or your reps need to have a Salesforce Sales Cloud Enterprise or Unlimited account to connect.

Over time this is going to help maintain consistency between marketing and sales teams. Passing marketing qualified leads from your Grid campaigns to your sales teams just got a whole lot easier. And, you’re one step closer to closing the loop between leads generated via Grid campaigns with opportunity registration.

And that’s not the end of the story for Salesforce integration. More news soon.

Launch and Execute Today


There was a time when you set up your campaign and the launch time defaulted to the next day. Now you can set up and launch your campaign on the same day! Get your campaigns to market faster than ever before, generating leads sooner.

If coffee, lunch, or a meeting beckons, when you leave your screen, we hold the dates selected. When you return, if the date/time happens to have shifted into the past, then just update the time. You can still launch same day.

Campaign Availability Based on Accreditation Level

Enjoy a more personalized experience.


Wondering why you’re seeing campaigns from other regions or disciplines that don’t apply to your go-to-market strategy? Now you won’t have to. If you can see it, you can launch it!

These are just some of the updates that went live in October. Contact your Elastic Grid Marketing Specialist for more details or contact us to request a demo.

Simple, automated, co-branded campaigns including responsively designed emails and landing pages, web banners, and integrated social media are available to partners on Elastic Grid from a number of vendors. And you can manage it all from a single pane view.

Feel free to check out recent Partner Spotlights to see the great results partners are getting across vendor campaigns on Elastic Grid, around the world.


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