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7 crucial things your channel marketing program needs (Part 1)

By on 1st October 2015

Most channel marketing programs give partners the basics – the ability to send emails to a list of contacts, integrated landing pages, and a way to track leads. But many lack key elements that really make a difference and, in an ideal world, should come as standard. Think of it this way; you wouldn’t buy a car with only one wheel, so why would you invest in a channel marketing program that requires additional pieces to be complete?

Let’s start with the most crucial elements many programs are missing, and why your partners need them:

  1. Lead nurturing through the buyer’s journey

Partners need more than just the ability to send an email blast to a contact list. They need a marketing automation engine that nurtures leads through the buyer’s journey. For example, with Elastic Grid Nurture Programs, partners can send an initial email directing prospects to a landing page with thought leadership messaging, perhaps highlighting their possible pain points. A second email could direct to a landing page with messaging about a product or solution’s benefits, and how they can solve the prospects’ pain points. And a third email could direct to a landing page with validation messaging, such as testimonials or success stories, to help prospects make a decision sooner.

  1. Lead scoring

How do partners know which leads are warmer than others? This is where lead scoring comes in. With Elastic Grid campaigns, partners receive real-time lead alerts when a prospect interacts with a landing page or email. And, depending on the prospect’s level of interaction with the campaign, the partner will receive a lead qualification score, which allows their sales team to prioritize the lead, so they can quickly close the sale.

  1. Reporting and analytics

To see which campaigns work and which don’t, partners need to measure ROI. With Elastic Grid, you can quickly and easily monitor all campaign interactions with visual, simplified, and downloadable reports. Dynamic charts provide easy to follow analysis and reporting of trends, leads, and campaign activity, comparable across performance metrics and multiple launches.

  1. Easy to access sales collateral

Our recent survey revealed that content marketing support is the most desired type of marketing support partners want from vendors, accounting for 35% of responses. As such, a marketing platform needs to provide a central repository where partners can access solution-related sales collateral. With Elastic Grid, partners can quickly and easily access sales collateral like email templates, copy blocks, ad banners, solution briefs, white papers, videos, and much more. It’s all in the one place, and assets are accessible anytime, from any device.

Next week I’ll reveal the remaining three crucial things your channel marketing program needs for success. Stay tuned.


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